Auschwitz Concentration Camp Research Paper

Most would refer this place as the most horrible place on earth. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was fully established on April 1940. The camp was built on a piece of land near the Polish City of Oswiecim and could hold about 150,000 prisoners at the same time. Many of the prisoners were sent to camp where they were forced labor then were eventually killed. These prisoners were put to work for long hours and were given no breaks. Often tortured and even had experiments tested on them, millions had started to die off. Auschwitz Concentration camp was truly a horrid place on earth where over one million victims experienced life or death situations such as inhumane living conditions, life sentence, or have been used for different experiments.

Jewish, Poles, Roma and other nationalities that Germany had despised were sent to spend the rest of their lives in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. After being put in a cattle wagon with no room, the soon to be prisoners three day journey to the Auschwitz
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Being sent there was a permit death sentence on the people, it made it hard to keep the belief that you were going to survive. It has showed that approximately only 200,000 people survived their horrid time in the Auschwitz camp. When the Soviet Soldiers liberated Cracow the German soldiers forced about 58,000 prisoners on a march towards the third Reich. What they left behind was 7,000 sick or incapacitated people who they thought wouldn’t live more than a week, leaving them behind barbed wires of the camp. The Nazi destroyed all burning chambers, documents, experiment results and also a vast majority of the buildings. Once the prisoners that were left saw no threats coming from the Soviet soldiers they were instantly treated by doctors. Some died on the spot and others were able to get treated. Some that were treated still didn’t make it to the next

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