The Importance Of Literacies On Middle Years Business Essay

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The importance of Literacies in middle years Business
Literacy is having the capacity to read, write, view, design, listen and speak in a manner that permits a person to communicate effectively. Literacy proficiency lies in an individual’s capacity to apply these skills in order to connect, make meaning of and discover the complexities of the modern world. Globalisation and rapid technological change means the world we live in is in a state of constant change. These changes have an impact on the literacies people use which Makin (2007, p. 10 as cited in Henderson, 2012, p. 270) describes as a ‘literacy revolution’. This requires educators to focus on media, computer and multi-media literacies, in essence, multiliteracies, in addition to the traditional literacies of print, reading and writing. This paper examines why literacy, moreover the utilisation of a multi literacies approach, is important for business students and explores how students who are faced with a myriad of traditional and digital literacies can be engaged in learning in the 21st Century.
It is becoming apparent that narrowly defining literacy is detrimental to student learning (Wendt, 2013) and that middle school subjects such as Business must take into account wide ranging definitions of literacy. The New London Group (1996) conceived the idea of multiliteracies and this came into existence due to two major factors. Firstly, the explosion of mass media, the Internet and multi-media. Secondly, today’s…

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