Essay on Responsibility Of My Personality And Life

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As time goes on throughout history, the world changes, but some things always stay the same. This goes for humans as well, and as people grow and change, there is always an aspect of their life that shapes them and is a constant. In the duration of my life, responsibility has played a role in shaping who I am today. In all the aspects of my personality and life, responsibility can be seen in one way or another. Naturally, over the course of the past thirteen years, many different areas of my life have changed, and with that, my levels of responsibility and what I take responsibility of. In education, friends, family and even in musicals, I’ve taken responsibility for myself and others, which has helped develop the picture of who I am as a person today. Starting in preschool, I’ve grown in many areas, particularly the four previously mentioned, and in each area, one can find how responsibility played a role. Whether it be responsibility for a younger brother or responsibility of myself and my own happiness, as I’ve grown I’ve proven to be a responsible person in practically all areas of my life.
In 2003, I started school for the very first time. It was preschool, but to me, it still counted. I was excited to learn new things, even at the young age of two and a half. It was the beginning of the next thirteen years of my education, and in this first year of school I already had some of the values that would remain a constant. I had a large amount of respect for my teachers, a…

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