Personal Narrative: Growing Up In My Childhood

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Growing up I thought I would have a normal childhood like every other kid, little did I know I would have to consider myself an adult at fourteen. Out of all things the most memorable time I have of my life would be the struggle I went through to get where I am today.

I have a total of eight siblings, three sisters and five brothers. I always looked up to the older ones for directions since my mother was hardly ever around. However they followed my mother’s footsteps in making poor decisions. All five of my brothers dropped out of high school so I looked to my older sister for guidance. She tried her best to guide me and always told me to never be a follower and to always be a leader and do what’s best for me. She got pregnant her senior year and had to drop out of school. After the baby was eleven months she moved out of the house so I didn’t have her around for guidance anymore. I was ten years old and now I was left to guide my younger sister. Life was hard as I had to cook and clean for my family. I did this for three years until I moved out.

I struggled to stay in school but it was hard since I moved in with my sister during middle school. I had to get up at five o’clock to take the bus from the Southside to Calallen Middle School. I rode the bus back home and I
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I found myself homeless until my friend took me in and I agreed to babysit for her four children while she works during the day. Although she pays me for baby sitting and she provides food and shelter for me. I find I need to save money to be able to move out. That’s why I found a job at Whataburger last week working nights so now I have two jobs. I am grateful for all she has done for me but I realized I have to be able to support myself. My first goal to becoming independent is getting my high school diploma. Once I complete that goal I want to further my education. I want to become a medical

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