Personal Narrative: Where I Grow Up

Growing up, I lived in quite a few places as a result of my parents’ divorce. The neighborhood I lived most of my life, and still live in, is in New Market, Maryland. I live with my father on a tranquil golf course surrounded by large evergreens, close to a large lake known as Lake Linganore. I have always loved living here, especially when the wind would pick up and breeze through the trees and the crisp blades of the manicured grass. My favorite activity is to walk with my dog along the golfing path, and observe the scenery of the landscape with the forested mountains along the horizon. I have lived here for thirteen years, through much of my childhood, adolescence, and early adult years. Many significant events in my life happened in this …show more content…
The melancholy memories did not shape who I am today, nor do I ever think of them. I no longer am in contact with many of my childhood friends as I attended a different high school than the rest of them. None of their positive attitudes and attributes were of any impression to me. I was the same immature, lazy kid for eighteen years. I did not truly “grow up” in this neighborhood. It was not until I graduated high school when I had an epiphany that I needed to grow up. Frederick Community College is where it began. Coming from my jejune mindset, and being immersed in the “real world” where I no longer could play around and get by. Prior to college, I could perform poorly in a class and it would be irrelevant to me as I had no cognizance of the importance of education. I missed on average about twenty to twenty five days of school per year. Only about a tenth of those days missed were days I actually could not come to school. Going to school was the bane of my existence, I simply did not want to be there. How I managed to graduate on-time, I do not know. Surely I did not graduate with success, earning a 2.2 GPA. When I was placed into college, I began to realize that my apathetic behavior was no longer acceptable. I realized that if I did not achieve success, there would be no way for me to progress in life. Subsequently, I began to sort my priorities. Constantly socializing with my friends and watching television could no longer fit into my life. My studies is what I needed to place as top importance. I learned how to truly be

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