Essay Leadership : The Leadership Challenge

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The Leadership Challenge The Leadership Challenge book provides great perception on ways to become a better leader. The author will review lessons learned from the first three chapters and provide insight on how some of the leadership qualities have been displayed in her life.
When Leaders Are at Their Best
At the start of The Leadership Challenge book in the first chapter, it discusses a success leadership story that generates thought into what the author has done in her own past and what can be done from here on out to create a high level of leadership success. In further reading into this chapter she starts sees the importance level of relationships to a leader and how the focus of work being first to now, the people doing the work should always be first. The people doing the work have always been important, but putting a perspective that an area cannot get the work done if people are not present shows how important relationships are. Despite the importance of people doing the work, the author feels people tend to lose sight about others around them when they focus on what only they need to accomplish and it can cause leadership qualities to fade and manager qualities to become more present.
Another aspect of leadership is it is good to consider what traits people are willing to follow. The author believes if she is willing to follow certain leadership traits then she should look within to see if these traits reflect in her actions. Knowing oneself is…

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