What Is The Importance Of Interdisciplinary Study

Interdisciplinary study is termed as the approach to solving problems, answering questions, and addressing contemporary social concerns from multiple views. It subjects students to active roles where they design their educational plans and define their career goals and objectives. As a student taking this course, I wish to state that it has played major key roles in my major concentration and career development. Through this course, I have been able to understand my college degree and its main focus in different ways. This course has also offered me the free will to select three of its concentration in unique liberal or professional areas of study in arts. A summary of Health Psychology, Introduction to Organizational Leadership, and Sociology of Work will help in illustrating how they have played a great role in shaping my career goals.
PSY320 Health Psychology
This is a branch of science that majorly focus on the portrayal, forecast, and influence of human behavior that is connected to health and welfare of individuals. This course touched on key
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From the top management to the junior staff, leadership greatly determines the realization of organizational goals. The concepts of leadership mentioned help in familiarizing me with the various approaches as well as theories that lead to good leadership. Classroom experiences, assignment, case studies, discussions, and lectures played a crucial role in touching all aspects of good leadership. I am now confident that I can define leadership in work organizations, describe theories connected to leadership and their strength and weakness. I can now explain their effects on groups and organization and analyze my personality in terms of leadership style and apply the concepts and theories related to leadership to real life situations. Those knowledges are really helpful for me to learn my major

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