Summary Of Act Like A Leader By Herminia Ibarra

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The main idea of the book I choose the book “Act like a leader, think like a leader, by Herminia Ibarra, which is inspirational read for everyone who has a passion for leading. Ibarra, redefines the traditional leadership notion of “think first, and then act’’ by acting first and then thinking. She described The “Outsight Principle” which is the mine idea of this book. Through the implementation of the “outsight principle”, Ibarra believes that one can improve or develop into an effective leader. This principle attests that the only way to think like a leader is to first act it out and that is to come out of ones’ comfort zone by start doing changes and more experiences. The outcomes of these experiences, she explains, can help people …show more content…
The first point is redefine your job, which will provide a platform for you to lead in a new and different ways. Which involves thinking hard about how you can change the way you do your rudimentary job routines every day. Stepping out of this routine she believes will unblock your potential allowing you think outside the box and see the big picture rather than sticking to your daily mundane routine. So Ibarra, suggest that you have to try a new project, new experiences, and to get involved in industries, associations or something …show more content…
This she said allows you to experience new challenges and situations which can help you to change your leadership styles while making the transition to new character. Ibarra focused on authenticity in this point, and she explained that it is often misunderstood in the context of making a transition. She explained that this involves working toward a future version of your authentic self by doing the exact opposite. And that is done, she says, by extending yourself outside the boundaries of who you are today.
Weakness point
This book “Act like a leader, think like a leader” is smart, but in my opinion to elaborate this book its great to combined the two last chapters which is (stepping up and act now) and make it simple and straightforward.

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