Benefits Of Healthy Living Resource Center Essay

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In the community of Augusta, Maine there are a few different options of wellness programs. Some are for people who are seeking recovery help with addictions, while others are more geared towards healthy living. The main wellness center that seemed to have a well around base for all health problems was Maine General Living Resource Center ("Healthy Living Resource Center - MaineGeneral Health, Augusta, ME," 2015).
Maine General has a program called Healthy Living Resources Center, the program offers a balance of the mind, heart and body by focusing on supporting healthy lifestyle changes. This is to help reduce and eliminate chronic health issues. Healthy Living Resources Center offer healthy cooking classes, easy movement exercises, stress management, which also includes an approach of mind-body therapy. The goal is to create positive changes for patients and in the community to improve their lives ("Healthy Living Resource Center - MaineGeneral Health, Augusta, ME," 2015).
Healthy Cooking Classes
The Healthy Living Resource Center offers seven different healthy cooking classes. One of the classes is Mediterranean cooking, with this classes the promote healthier food ideas to help prevent diseases. The second class is cooking with different herbs, in this class people are shown how to harvest herbs and use them to cook with that will help make food taste better, reduce salt intake, reduce sugars and help to reduce calories. The…

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