Global Is A Consumer Wellness Start Up That Seeks Too Change How People Live And Work

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Thrive Global
Thrive Global is a consumer wellness start-up that seeks too change how people live and work (Crunch Base, 2016). The stat-up has 16 investors who have contributed $7 M in total equity funding (Crunch Base, 2016). Thrive Global has a big market opportunity when one considers the customers, competition, company and technology. It targets a wide segment market consisting of men, women, from different social economic backgrounds and lifestyle values (Thrive Global, 2016). It also targets companies that experience high levels of burnout by offering training that helps improve wellbeing and high productivity (Thrive Global, 2016). The wide target market means that the company’s prospective profits and cash flow are high because of high sales and a large safety in case the company does not become popular among its wide target market it can still expect to sell to a sizeable market. Thrive media uses an online platform to attract and sell to its customers, hence, can reap the full benefits of technology (Crunch Base, 2016). Since it is providing services in the area of physical, emotional and mental health related to work – burnout effect – it has a differentiated service and this offsets any competition within the sector (Crunch Base, 2016). Some of Thrive Global services include health content, science-based training, and support services (Crunch Base, 2016). The company is global and it has enough resources based on financial funding and human capital to become…

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