Factors Influencing The Adolescent Adjustment Essay

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Balkin, R. S., Miller, J., Ricard, R. J., Garcia, R., & Lancaster, C. (2011). Assessing Factors in
Adolescent Adjustment as Precursors to Recidivism in Court-Referred Youth
In this article court-referred adolescences completed the Reynolds Adolescence Adjustment Inventory Screening. They also took part in an intervention program where they were monitored for a total of two years. Their main focus was to classify the probability of juveniles reoffending. Researchers refer to genetics being linked to recidivism among serious juvenile offenders opposed youths engaged in minor offences. Adolescences were placed in two separate activity groups structured versus unstructured. Youths in a community with organized activities displayed decreased incidents of anti-social behaviors. They participated more and was exposed less to violence in the community. The minors that had an increased degree of antisocial behaviors also had lack of anger control were most likely to reoffend in two years of going through the program. However, minors with intervention tailored to their needs are important to effective treatment.
Chauhan, P., Reppucci, N. D., & Turkheimer, E. N. (2009). Racial Differences in the
Associations of Neighborhood Disadvantage, Exposure to Violence, and Criminal Recidivism among Female Juvenile Offenders, 531-552
The authors provide a review of research investigating the racial differences between African Americans, Caucasians, and female juvenile offenders. The study…

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