The Cold War : A New History Essay

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The Cold War: A New History is about the Cold War, which occurred after the Second World War. The book explains when it “started”, when it ended, and the events that occurred between 1947 – 1991. This war had no clear indication of when it began, for there no treaties being broken, no declaration of battle or of a war. But this time period was of a tension of political and military, for the leaders of Western bloc and Eastern bloc were on the edge of the Second World War. The Cold War was a war of principles, morals, and of economics. As well as, it was a nuclear race to see which country had the most nuclear war in case of yet another war. Many of the events that happened during this 45 year period revolutionized the ethics that were integrated into the foundation of many countries. This period opened various eyes of the public and for the first time, they saw how menacing was the threat of another superpower that could rival the Land of the Free. Therefore, this war was communism (The Soviet Union) vs. capitalism (The United States of America). After President Roosevelt had died, President Truman took power and ended World War II. Truman wanted to clean up the repercussion of the war, so he created the Marshall Plan to help the European countries that were ransacked by the Nazi. The Marshall Plan was to aid these countries, especially Western Europe with their economy. On the other hand, Stalin wasn’t on board with the Marshall Plan; he desired that the NATO allies…

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