Essay My Reading On Reading And Writing

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Growing up with reading and writing has always been a struggle for me. I would was get extra help on my reading and more time to practice than the other kids. I was not only a slow reader, but I also tended to skip over some of the words. I would never finish the text on the timed reading quizzes. I have had teachers, family, and friends striving and encouraging me not to give up on myself. Reading and writing will always be my least favorite subject. I will only find the subject interesting when I am reading or writing something of my choice. Although I’m not good at reading and writing, I will never give up and continue to better myself in the reading and writing process. Ever since I was in the 1st grade I hated reading stories, only because I was extremely horrible at it. Everyone was ahead while I was two steps back. I wanted to become better, I wanted to achieve more and work on my reading. I started going out in the hallway and reading quietly to myself. I would not rush myself to finish, but try and finish quicker and still understand what I read. Sometimes, I had teachers following along and helping me with the words I struggled on. I would go home and practice even more with my mom. She would take me to the library to pick out the books I founded interesting. I soon started reading more and more. I started to see a improvement in my reading. I was reading faster and getting all the words in the text. My mom always told me “hard work pays off,” and I…

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