My Writing : The Fifth Grade Essays

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In the fifth grade, I wrote a thirty-page mystery style book. My teachers all praised my writing capabilities, and my classmates would come to me for guidance with writing their essays. I cherished reading, and, as a punishment, my momma and teachers would take away my books to force me to pay attention. I kept this infatuation of writing and reading all through middle school, but it began to whittle down in high school. In all of the essays I had ever written, I never once received a grade lower than a B on them. That was true, until my junior year in Mr. Zollman’s English class.
The beginning of the year, I was very ecstatic about the class. I had heard so many stories about how Zollman gave the best essay topics, and that we read the best stories. This was in fact proven to be true when we read our first article. We noted this article and took a test over it. To me, the test was easy, and I passed it with flying colors. Every day, I would look forward to going to his class and reading new articles. The class read a play called the “Crucible”. We were able to act it out, and dig deeper into the story. Everything we read amazed me and caught my attention; therefore, I thrived in the class.
The first essay rolled around, and I was excited. We read a short story called the “The Big Handprint”. It is about a man who got fired from his job, and was trying to commit suicide. The narrator in the story was trying to get him to come down from the window ledge. The window got…

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