Information Management System For United States Pacific Command

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I’m currently the Contracting Officer Representative for United States Pacific Command and we use Information management systems help decision makers track projects from its formation to their execution. They provide them with pertinent information and collaborative tools that assist them formulate better assessments of projects based of past performances and future projections.
Since most businesses use outdated management tools, which are not designed for managing complex projects, there is a need for an improved information management system that can match the increases in complexity, both due to the extent of scope and the fact that the users who contribute to the decision making process are physically separated. These have led to initiatives that deal with cooperation, teamwork and continuous improvement, (Braglia & Frosolini, 2014).
Business intelligence

Business intelligence is known as the use of software or business applications that can be employed to assist businesses to make better decisions. They are tools for collecting, processing and analyzing data. This way, businesses can evaluate the results and interpret them. For the business, The importance of the application of information management and bringing knowledge to business in order to make better decisions on a day-by-day basis, (Agiu, Mateescu, & Muntean, 2014). Based on the newest technologies, Business Intelligence systems are essential for the decisional level efficiency, but also for improving…

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