Evaluation Of A New Graduate Nurse Essay

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A new graduate nurse has to handle professional transitions to continue growth in their care and development. Organizations play a role in assisting new graduate employees through this transition. “Knowing what to expect during this transformation can reduce the stress of accepting and transitioning into a new role and result in quality outcome” (Cherry & Jacob, 2014). “With the ever changing health care environment the nurse has to adapt to high-acuity patients, knowledgeable family members, keeping up with technology and efficiently critically think” (Cherry & Jacob, 2014). Nursing students consistently strive to the challenges when they become licensed. (Cherry & Jacob, 2014)
Marco and his peers are nursing students in their last clinical rotation. This is an exciting time for them because they will become licensed nurses and put into practice what they learned in nursing school. Three activities that are specific only to a student nurse involve patient care, documentation and supervision. In the scenario the student Marcos, provided total patient care for two patients that the clinical instructor assigned him. Secondly, the instructor co-signed his electronic document because Marco is not licensed and not accountable for documentation at this time (Yoder-Wise, 2015). Thirdly, to make sure that no errors have been made to compromise the patient safety, the instructor supervised Marco’s medication administration. When the student becomes a licensed nurse, he/she will be…

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