Roman Tribunes And The Roman Era Essay example

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A long time ago in Rome, they had tribunes. They were called Roman Tribunes, to be exact. Roman Tribunes were very common and important back in those times. Roman Tribunes also play a big part in the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar. Roman Tribunes were basically like the military people of Rome back in the old Roman days. If fact it was around the year 490 BCE. So sit back and enjoy the ride as we find out what Roman Tribunes are and how they apply to the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar.

As previously said, Roman Tribunes were a pretty big deal back then. At first, they were chosen and/or approved by the king. That quickly was changed after a few differences in their colony. Since it changed, they Roman Tributes were usually, if not always, chosen by the people. The Roman Tribunes were the protectors of that time. Not only were they protectors, they were also defenders. They defended things such as their liberties. Roman Tribunes were usually ranked from the upper social class. Roman Tribunes had different ranks. One rank was called Tribunes. (Also known as Tribunus.) This rank was made up of six assistants. They assisted the legion commander called the Prime Pilus. This is typically like a beginner rank of the Roman Tribunes. The tribune rank often younger people who were training for higher ranks. The next Roman Tribune rank is called Tribunus Cohortis. They were the Commanders of a Cohortis military unit. And finally, the last rank is called Tribunus Cohortis…

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