A Study On A Nurse 's Progress Essay

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A Nurse in Progress
I remember when I began my practice as a nurse at the main hospital in my hometown, I was only fifteen years old. By then I had a nerve wracking experience; at first I thought that it would be anything but easy which turned out to be true. I was not aware of the great commitment of the health staff at the time of treating patients, but as weeks passed by I got more familiar with each of the procedures to perform there. I had the opportunity of working directly with individuals suffering from various diseases both physiological and psychological, but the place did not meet the necessary conditions to provide good service. The patients were crammed into one common room, transmitted odors that were not very pleasant to the smell, they had sores in their skins and it was depressing to see their situations as many suffered from not having good health and not knowing what to do.
Lucky for me, I kept all the time running like a squirrel behind the veteran nurses in search of something new to learn, even when their humor seemed to be heavier than an anchor. I had to stay with them and do everything they asked me to perform, especially when my colleagues played like fools doing nothing. Between gauze and sterile material I had the duty to heal the wounds of the patients, to receive them when they arrived from the operating room, bathe them if needed, and sometimes stopping to listen to some of their personal stories which were generally very sad. Of all the areas…

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