Personal Nursing Reflection

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Register to read the introduction… The bio-psycho-social model is the one that I relate to the most. I have witnessed the power of prayer at work in healing along with laughter and a positive outlook at work in the healing of individuals. Furthermore, how a person’s beliefs can impact their mental, physical and emotional health.
In my personal nursing practice I use a mindful approach. Mindfulness is defined as “a state of mind or mode of practice that permits the questioning of expectations, knowledge, and the adequacy of routines in complex and not fully predictable social, technological, and physical settings. Mindfulness does not exclude or oppose the idea of routines, but may in fact build upon routinized action”. (Rerup, 2005; Levinthal and Rerup, 2006). I try to remain mindful as a nurse so that I may provide the best patient care possible as well as in my working relationships. If you are mindful of your surroundings it helps a person adapt to new situations
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I relate to this assessment of me. I am usually daring without limits. I am never a stranger in a crowd of strangers. I can do most thing with my hands. Furthermore, I am always looking for the next adventure. I spent 25 years as a general contractor, always moving for work and then became a nurse where the adventures are endless.
Artisans have the temperament and ability to naturally excel in art, athletics, military, mechanical and business. They are most comfortable with solid objects that can be wielded or manipulated and experiencing real life events. Artisans seek action and adventure and constantly have a need for stimulation and pleasure. They are optimistic that the next throw of the dice will be the winner. (, 2014)
It amazes me how accurately the description of an Artisan fits my personality with the exception of the fine arts. As my Grandfather always said “if I found Horse manure in my stocking I would go outside and look for the pony”. I am always looking for the diamond even though I am clearly in the rough.
b) Two potential challenges and/or
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I continually try to remind myself of this statement. It is important to communicate with your patients what health and heeling is. I need to ensure that all my patients have the necessary resources to encourage a healing environment. I feel I do a good job with empathy and compassion but lack some in communication and offering social support. Through this research I gained insight into the importance of communicating with a patient and their family’s to ensure the best healing environment possible.

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