Essay The Blue Sky School System

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I was 13 when I decided to move to the Blue Sky School System. This was not my idea. I didn’t want to leave my life, especially not my aunt, but when the plane you 're on suddenly turns into a falling ball of fire- you don’t exactly have a choice. I still remember the screams, the light from the fire blinding me, and then the endless black smoke. I expect it’d give me nightmares if I still slept. Seeing as I don’t I will be content with the flashbacks of horror I have whenever my thoughts start to drift.
I remember my funeral. Tears, sad music, candles, flowers, and a body in a casket. It didn’t feel like my body. I don’t remember much after that. Gold, clouds wings, and then I was at a gate. Not the gate to heaven, I had already passed that. This was the gate to my new school. Blue Sky Middle. I was ushered inside (too busy realising I was dead to notice who my guide was)
I remember the office was silver themed but I wasn’t focused until I got to what was apparently my classroom. When I managed to get over the shock of death a man was staring at me expectantly. I looked around the room slowly. It looked like a tiny theatre. All the seats were arranged in a semicircle, Each row higher than the one in front of it. I finally looked back to the man. He wore a pale jacket over a blue button up shirt. He also had a pale gold halo and powder white wings. “What?” I asked as politely as I could. He wanted to know if I had a book for this class. I stared at him in response. I…

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