Airline Industry And Air Travel Essay

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Airline Industry The United States remains the home of the world 's biggest airline industry and air travel continues to be the safest form of intercity transportation in the United States. Approximately 2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo are transported via the U.S. airlines every day. The industry is also responsible for influencing $1.5 trillion in United States economic activity and currently provides more than 11 million jobs (, 2016). Flight schools across the country continually work with airline companies to teach, train and employ the next generation of pilots and flight crews. Aircraft parts manufacturing facilities offer opportunities in highly skilled positions. Investors elect to expand tourist attractions and build business conference centers in cities with greater access to air travel. The health of the industry is linked with that of the economy – as airlines do well, they also invest in their product and infrastructure, including new planes, customer amenities and airport expansion or renovation (, 2016).
Alaska Airlines is a major, low-fare, United States Airline that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The airline was founded in 1932 when Mac McGee started flying his three-seat Stinson between Anchorage and Bristol Bay, Alaska. A merger that took place later that year with Star Air Service that created the largest airline in Alaska. Many more mergers followed, along with several name changes until the…

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