SWOT Analysis For Southwest Airlines

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Name: Michaela Quinn

Assignment 4
SWOT Analysis for Southwest Airlines
Instructions: Do some research about Southwest Airlines on the Internet. Identify as many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as you can. Remember: strengths and weaknesses are internal to the company and opportunities and threats come from outside the company. Use the quadrants below to complete your SWOT analysis. After you enter the first strength, press Enter to display the number 2. The cells will expand deeper as you type your answers. Remember: I want full explanations and you should try to list 3-4 of each type—no one word answers.

Strengths Weaknesses
1. Southwest Airlines carries out over 3,300 flights per day.
2. Great customer service with Southwest
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There is a strong demand for Southwest Airlines. With an increase of 8% in passenger growth, it has become the largest gain of any airline.
5. With over 42 years of profitability, and a track record unlike any airline, Southwest has never seen a layoff or furlough. They have been a mainstay on the Fortune magazine as the most admired company in the world.
6. Their employees pour their heart and soul into the company, and is the reason this company is so profitable.
7. They have the best low fare, and first class service.
8. By the use of the internet and a great marketing team, sales have increased over 22%.
9. It has been reported that Southwest Airlines has the highest load of passengers every day they are in operation. 1. The increased overhead is due to the highest percentage of employees.
2. Currently, the only airplanes that Southwest fly’s is the Boeing 737. Some analyst are saying that could spell disaster if there was ever a major problem with that class of aircraft. Their fleet consist of 547 aircraft.
3. Most airlines offer their customers First Class seating. Southwest Airlines does not offer that service.
4. Most airlines offer complete meals on long flights. Southwest Airlines does not offer
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CAPA did a recent study, and found a number of airports here in the United States are currently underserved by foreign airlines. Southwest airlines mainly operates domestic service only.
5. As the United States continues to recover from the recession, airline traffic should increase by 3.5% thru 2019.
6. A poll was taken, and the average traveler said they would be willing to pay up to $21 for a meal on flight. Most airlines offer meals on a flight. 1. With airlines such as Spirit, and Frontier, Southwest is no longer the airline with the lowest fare. In 2013 Southwest was reported with an increase of 7% in fares. Analyst are now saying it was due to the demand in the US market place. At any point the airline needs to maintain their fares to manage the cost of operation.
2. Currently Southwest has been in numerous labor negotiations. It has been predicted there will be an increase in the fare rates.
3. In Chicago during the winter months, the ramp employees became ill. This created a skeleton crew which effected the daily operations. The Union became involved and sued Southwest, because Southwest did not believe that the employees were sick and demanded proof. Management seems to be a problem

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