Graduation Speech : High School Diploma Essay

1017 Words Aug 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Going to school has been and continues to be a rewarding part of my life as I’ve been able to study and learn in different settings, take part in extracurricular activities and discover what my likes and dislikes are pertaining to school. To this day, I’ve taken two different approaches to obtaining my High School Diploma. Most of my school has been completed in a classroom where there was a teacher teaching as well as students attending at the same time and place. With E-learning, there is a teacher, but all of the material is online where I can learn in the comfort of my home. In a classroom setting, there are set schedules and strict deadlines, alternately with online learning, I’ve been able to learn and complete tasks at my pace. While attending a school campus, I participated in extracurricular activities, which the school would organize. Doing an online course, I have to seek out my own opportunities for activities. I do believe it’s important for students to be involved in different clubs and sports, therefore, I have tried to be involved in different activities aside from the main courses. From grades five to eleven, I participated in band, badminton, and yearbook. Because of my experience growing up in music, I decided I would take part in band where I was able to travel with our school to participate in competitions. Some of those competitions were at Canada’s Wonderland and other local events. Along with the band, I participated in our school’s badminton…

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