Compare And Contrast Online Learning Vs Face To Face Learning

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Online Learning vs. Face-to- Face Learning

We all know higher education is the key to success. In today’s time, one must have some form of education in order to prosper in the work force. There are many options for higher learning. Students should decide which option would best fit their schedules. Face-to-face learning grants more organization and more “hands on” instruction.

To begin with, face-to-face learning promotes easier learning through “hands on” instruction. Face-to-face learning allows students to get a better understanding by asking questions. According to the authors Delfino and Persico, face-to-face courses appear to be less convenient but a lot easier. (Delfino) The article discusses the success of an online and face-to-face
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Online courses lack in the area of physical communication. Communication is virtually done through emails or discussion board assignments; often times this can be a disadvantage to students who need a quick response from their instructor. One implication for face-to-face instructors is the need to continually maintain free-flowing dialog with the students to enhance learning. (Hauser)

Face-to-face courses allows the student to get an understanding right away and reduces possible stress. Online learning can be viewed as a complex system of knowledge presentation that occurs in an environment minus the physical instructor. (Hauser)

On the other hand, online courses seem to work better for others. Over a five year span, over fifty percent of students preferred to repeat the online experience. (Delfino) Students that are more organized and have less time to actually attend class due a job or children, find that online learning is the best option. Horspol researched how online and face-to-face courses differ in many aspects of student behavior. He studied motives for choosing the online format, communication and interactivity, and effort put into work. (Horspool) He observed students’ success in an online class based on grades and time used to complete assignments. Students worked through Blackboard and completed modules at their own time schedule and pace.
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Online learning has transformed tremendously over the years, from paper-based to electronic materials with online tutorial support taking over. (Richardson) Determining which type of learning is best, depends on the student. Students that are well-organized, responsible, and dedicated to their education prove to be most successful in online learning. Online learning is best for those who need to keep their schedule flexible. An alternate option for students would be Hybrid classes or blended learning. These courses are a mix of face-to-face and online learning that requires a certain amount of face-to-face class meetings paired with online course work. This is a great option for first-time online students and those that want a taste of what online learning is

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