The Novel Five Presidents : My Extraordinary Journey With Eisenhower, Nixon, And Ford By Clint Hill

1857 Words Aug 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
The novel Five Presidents: My Extraordinary Journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford by Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin takes on a new perspective through historical events of five presidents with secret service agent, Clint Hill, protecting them each step of the way. Within the 430-page book, there are many lessons to be taught that secret agent Clint Hill exemplifies, and not to mention other characters in the book such as the President of the United States of America. From 1953 until 1977, Hill was under the service of five various presidents during the twenty-first century for seventeen years. Hill saw what everyday life was like for their families, along with their responsibilities that came with running the country. Under any circumstance, Hill had to be there no matter what, to protect and honor the president and his family with no complaints, stressful and long hours, no regard to the political party affiliation, and in the good or bad times. From getting to see the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, assassination of JFK, and much more, Hill was a proud witness of it all and took in every moment of getting the chance to honor his country. Now he shares all of his moments in his book, published May 3, 2016, in order for the world to look at the President’s personality in a new light and how they made brave and vital decisions in order to secure the country reflecting onto why people should be proud to be an American. A big theme throughout the novel is…

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