Hardware And Performance Of The Cd Power Supply Chain Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Nowadays, most of the organisations experiencing a revolution in terms of instigating new operations strategies and technologies in response to the current market challenges and demands. Today businesses have to overcome the challenges of satisfying the demand of customers for low price products with still high quality. Furthermore, firms need to be alert to customers’ unique and rapidly changing needs.
Companies are trying to develop agile, flexible and responsive supply chains to get their product to market more rapidly at a lowest possible cost. This entail the entire exchange of information and movement of goods between suppliers and end customers, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and any other enterprises within the extended supply chain.
In a competitive and for ever changing environment, there is a need to develop in a cost effective solutions to organisations and facilities that are highly flexible and responsive to changing market/customer preferences.
In this case study attempt has been made to assess the capability and performance of the CD Power supply chain functions at various levels of the company supply chain.
The results of the assessment would help supply chain manager and implementing partners develop their strategic and operational plans and monitor whether activities are achieving their expected outcomes.
2.0 Discussion
2.1 Organisation Background
CD Power has been established in early 1980’s to deliver the latest in…

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