The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor Essay

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Many times it seems as though history is being left out of our textbooks. There is an abundance of information that can be written down about a certain event. It is difficult to understand why only certain events or pieces of information are considered worthy to be inserted in a textbook. However, historical information that applies to any of the following categories is considered significant in history: social, political, religious (cultural), intellectual, technological, and economical. In every course of history class, there will be an event that applies to at least one of the preceding categories.

To begin, World War II affected the world socially regarding women’s roles in society. The bombing of Pearl Harbor resulted in the US’ commitment to World War II, which meant that all American assets were needed, including women. Not only did these women sacrifice their families to the war effort, they played a significant role on the America’s home front as well. The shortage of men in the workforce demanded for women power, granting women new jobs and opportunities. Women filled traditional male jobs and kept the war effort on track at home. Meanwhile, women also took part in the war, both on the battlefields and behind the scenes, referring to communication operations. World War II allowed women to prove themselves to society. Gender roles were out of the door as women demonstrated that they are just as capable of doing a man’s job. Although there is still much to happen…

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