Essay on The Spirituality Of Terrace 's Spirituality

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Spirituality engages the whole person and is about embracing the meaning of life, finding a purpose for and living life to its fullest. Whether religious or not, every person has a spirituality based around how we live our lives, the relationships we share with others and the rituals in which we participate. A spiritual person can be very different to a religious person, with religion being just one of many pathways available in this search for truth and knowledge. The spirituality of Terrace exemplifies this, with both religious and secular aspects of Terrace forming important parts of the school’s spirituality which every student at the college experiences. Through being a member of the Terrace family, my own spiritual growth has benefitted due to participation in both religious and secular activities at the college. Terrace’s current practices have a significant influence on the spirituality of the school but this is not to say that they cannot be improved through the implementation of new initiatives as continual improvement is vital to the current success of the institution.
Terrace’s spirituality is expressed through both secular and religious icons, events and places. Religious spirituality is the search for meaning and purpose in life through following and living life in accordance to the traditions, beliefs and rituals of a particular religion. Terrace, as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, certainly encompasses religious spirituality. This is…

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