The Importance Of Community Supports In Education

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Register to read the introduction… Government needs to provide standards for education and adequate funding to offer programs and instruction for all. Families serve as important support systems that support teachers and students in the quest for each student to reach his or her full potential. The support of society, community and business members is crucial for the success of education. Community members and organizations can provide financial support and mentoring services. Community support strengthens the school community and enables schools to provide additional academic and enrichment opportunities. Churches serve as important contributors to the spiritual growth of students and may serve as support systems within the school community.
Students are the focus of our educational system. They are the future citizens and
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My discipline plan includes classroom rules, incentives to follow the rules, positive reinforcement and consequences. One of the tools I use to hold individual students accountable for their behavior is the accountability pyramid. Each student in my classroom has a personal accountability pyramid. The pyramid has five sections which incorporate the five building blocks of success for our classroom (appendix A). The pyramid serves as a visual reminder for the students. When students engage in irresponsible or disruptive behaviors they lose the corresponding pyramid piece. Only students who have a complete pyramid at the end of the day participate in fun activity of the day. I furthermore record student behavior in a behavior log and use student behavior citations, to encourage students to think about their choices and. When students do not follow through on making better choices, I use disciplinary measures: students lose recess and write disciplinary pages, if the behavior continues I contact the parents or refer students to the

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