Feminism Is The Worst Kind Of People Essay

1348 Words Aug 23rd, 2016 null Page
Feminism is cancer, so are social justice warriors and any other kind of people who go out of their way just to make themselves look like victims. If you haven’t realized by the title of this video and by what I have said so far in this video, I am an anti-SJW, an anti-feminist, and an anti-whatever the fuck. In all honesty, social justice warriors are the worst kind of people, so are feminists and all other groups like them. Those kinds of people have logic that is flawed and they are just as bad or even worse than these ‘oppressors’ they constantly whine about. They are batshit crazy and are just as guilty of oppressing their own people than the oppression from "bigots." The only thing these “politically correct” people do is show the fact that people are weak as fuck and that people care about feelings more than they care about facts. People’s feelings never create good things, all we get is people whining about how they want every place to be a ‘safe space,’ but safe spaces are bullshit because no space is ultimately safe, nor should they ever be. If you honestly believe that we need “safe spaces,” then you are what is wrong with the world. People should learn how to be strong, we don’t need “safe spaces,” we just need people who aren 't total pussies. People need to know that not everyone is going to like them, not everyone is going to share the same batshit views they have, and censoring people because they disagree with their views is wrong. Feminists and social…

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