The Role Of Colgate And Its Effect On Society Essay

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86: Viewing the context of the category in terms of investment, Colgate has significantly increased its presence in TV vs previous year, as compared to Peru where Colgate not only lowered their level of TRPs but the category was generally quieter.
-In Colombia, Fluocardent, although with low levels of TRPs, starts again to be present in TV
-Fortident is still absent on TV during this semester

92: Bearing this in mind, let 's look at what the performance was of commercials that the brands served for this quarter ...

94: The platform "Extrablancura" in Peru has recall issues but it has very good association with the brand, which can be linked to the presence of its celebrity. In terms of response and image, the commercial maintains the indicators amongst recallers .

95: Though having another "Extrablancura" reference, in Colombia it still has problems with the Brand Linkage of the commercial, where in Peru fails to perform well, where even respondents do not remember what the advertised brand was

96: From the time of communication of "Extrablancura," the association of the commercials with the brand has been below the standard, where the visibility was improved over time, helped perhaps by the investment made and the presence of its celebrity in the most recent commercials

97: In the case of Peru, the main weakness of the commercials is their low visibility , which can be linked to the creative resource used not having enough impact to help the pieces to exceed the…

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