Summary Of Charles Duhigg's 'The Habit Loop'

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“The Habit Loop” by Charles Duhigg Explains the reasoning behind habits and why and how they work. ….. Talks about a man named Henry Molaison, who is suffering from viral encephalitis, which was eating away Henry’s brain structure, doctors were unsure if Henry would recover from the disease. Henry was given large doses if antiviral drugs, which fought the disease gradually and would soon make the virus disappear. Scans found that the disease had made some parts of his brain unresponsive. Henry’s wife would constantly watch over Henry after he was diagnosed, and would take him for walks outside, but one day Henry had went on a walk by himself, which Henry's wife was unaware of, she had looked for Henry with no signs she had panicked, but somehow Henry was able to find himself back home with no help. How was this possible? Habits. Henry was able to come back because his brain remembers where to …show more content…
Claude Hopkins a business holder was approached by a friend who showed him a new business idea. The idea was a product called “pepsodent” which is tooth paste. Claude noticed that there was an increase in teens poor dental hygiene. The habit in the toothpaste is the reward, which of course is the white teeth. Claude's way to start the habits for people, is to advertise the benefits of toothpaste, like how the toothpaste is a “creator of beauty”. Because there is a reward for brushing your teeth people started having a habit of using toothpaste. P&G, the creator of “Febreze” have decided to impersonate Claude’s way of advertising and had used similar tactics. Febreze had become extremely popular, but one year Febreze had a downfall, no one was buying Febreze products, and this is because smells will at some point desensitize. Febreze was in panic mode. However the company was able to do a different advertising strategy, which was to change their slogan and as well as how they are selling the

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