Clorox Case Analysis

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The Clorox Company has been making cleaning products for over 100 years. The brand wanted to reach out to the modern mothers and fathers with an on-the-go lifestyle and try and erase the notion that the brand was just bleach and for grandmas. Clorox wanted to emphasize how their products help clean up messes faster allowing the consumer more quality time with their family. Clorox got insight that showed new parents turned to social media to post and laugh about the messes their children had made. This is where the idea for the Clorox Ick Awards resulted from. The awards would be a real-time consumer event on Twitter. Powered by the live tweets from consumers at home and utilizing hashtags to generate the shows content. Overall bonding modernized families and their affinity for Clorox products. Comedienne Rachel Dratch hosted the award show, while the Twitter aspect …show more content…
The event managed to make cleaning an engaging Social media trending topic. "Engaged 1,434 unique Twitter followers...Generated more than 142 million Twitter impressions and 16,500 uses of #Ickies"(Silver Anvil Awards). Clorox wanted to alter the idea of mess and associate Clorox products as a solution. "30 percent of Clorox mentions related to the campaign. And a 10 percent increase in the post mentioning Clorox after the campaign (Silver Anvil Awards)." Clorox wanted to be branded into shareable social content, with media coverage. " Secured 90 stories and 1,159 matte release placements (19.6 million media impressions). 96.9 percent included Clorox 's "laugh through the mess" messaging. 95.3 percent included Clorox product messaging. Increased Clorox brand conversation volume online by 63 percent during the campaign 's execution. Generated more than 32 percent of conversation online compared to Clorox competitors."(silver anvil

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