Why Caring Is Important

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In our everyday world, we go through struggles and hardships. We also go through times of enjoyment and happiness. Our habits can lead us two those destinations, our habits are a tool we use to react to the things around us. A habit is a tendency us humans have that is hard to give up, due to the fact we are so used to doing it. My perfect habit that improves my physical, emotional, and financial health is being kind-hearted or caring. This improves my physical and emotional health positively. Being caring allows me to give my heart to others when they need it, which makes me feel good emotionally. The physical benefit of being caring is knowing I don’t have to hold or hide my emotions in, which makes me physically stronger than others. Lastly, being caring and warm hearted makes me feel comfortable where I’m at in my life no matter the situation, because I know in my heart I did everything I could to make the best of my situations, and by doing so I hope I can persuade one to create the same habit. Caring is a huge emotion many individuals tend to hide, In order to grow as a person I use this trait and habit to help others. I know that might not be the safest thing to do when it comes to my feelings, nonetheless to see the …show more content…
Using my perfect habit I hope one has started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Using my habit of caring can really change ones physical and emotional health positively. There are people out there who have nobody, not one person they can count on to be there. In order to improve your self-happiness it starts with the little things. We all have the power to influence the people around us, how we choose to do it reflects our character and health. Showing somebody how important they are will give one meaning. It will show one that we have a huge role to play on this earth, the time we have here is limited, so we should use that time for the better of

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