The Colonization Of Americ A Long And Arduous Journey That Caused Catastrophes And Triumphs Along The Way

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The joining of different civilizations that have come to America has been a long and arduous journey that has caused catastrophes and triumphs along the way. Between the 15th and 16th centuries, various European countries have fought with each other and the natives to gain control over the Americas. This essay will discuss the primary motivation and the various reasons in which each country has competed to explore the unknown lands of America. When Europeans discovered the natives this created the start of the Columbian Exchange, this then led the Europeans including the Spanish, English, and Dutch to have various purposes of exploring new land both as a whole and individually, and the following events that had occurred within each country has significantly impacted their settlements in varying ways. Without the new discoveries and change of life that were made when first making contact with the Native Americans, the New World may have never been possible. The foundation of colonization in America was when the Europeans were first introduced to the natives. The beginning of the exchange between the two group was when the Europeans learned of the ample amount of gold and silver in the area. When the Europeans arrived in the New World, the Native Americans suffered from European diseases that spread rapidly among the territory. Millions of natives were tragically killed due to some illnesses including measles, mumps, and smallpox. While witnessing the deaths around…

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