Spanish Colonization Essay

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The Spanish exploration of America brought many new foods, types of plants, and forms of wealth to the European world. The wealth brought to Spain from the Americas came at a cost that was paid for by the enslavement and the sufferings of Native Americans and eventually the Africans. The Spanish colonization from 1492 to 1700 was motivated by religious conversion of all peoples in America and the desire for wealth and profit that had a significant impact on the lives of Native Americans and Africans.

First, colonization by the Spanish was motivated by religious conversion. Columbus first “discovered” America in 1492. At that same time in Europe, the Reconquista occurred in Spanish principalities. The Reconquista kicked out the Islamic
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And the effect of religious conversion of the natives and Africans was that the majority became Roman Catholic. The natives converted because those who did not were either killed, or sold off as slaves. Once the natives converted, many were bound by the Encomienda system which was forced labor in exchange for protection and conversion to Christianity. Fear of the afterlife kept many Natives from rebelling. This affected the Africans who were brought over because many of those who came from Africa were part of separate nations who despised each other. The Africans who did come over developed a different culture that was centralized around Christianity because that was the only religion that was taught once the Africans arrived in America. Both the natives and Africans were affected by the greed of the Spanish in similar and different ways. Since sugar and cotton were a big luxury in Spain. The Spanish enslaved the natives and Africans on plantations. It is commonly known that usually Africans worked on plantations. There was no mention of natives. This is because the natives died from diseases from Europe, such as Smallpox, which nearly wiped the natives out. This caused the Spanish to trade slaves from Africa because slaves there were more resilient to smallpox and other diseases brought over. Both natives and Africans were impacted by the Casta system, …show more content…
The Spanish motivations for exploring America were to convert all peoples to Catholicism and to expand the wealth of the country. This affected the way natives and Africans were treated and viewed for many years after the Spanish left America.

Synthesis: Spanish colonization can be compared to English colonization because both attempts involved conflict with the natives. In Jamestown, one of the first English settlements the Native Americans were not so friendly to strange white men taking native land, natives repeatedly attacked and looted Jamestown. This can be compared to Spanish colonization because the of Pueblo revolt where the indians rebelled against the Spanish that took native land that resulted in the Spanish being kicked out of Santa

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