Imperialism Vs Spanish Colonization Essay

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England provided ideal circumstances for its colonizing empire. A population spike, religious dissensions, and economic opportunity motivated people to emigrate to the West. National greed, nationalism, and rivalry with Spain led royalty to pursue colonies. The colonizing drive helped provide an essential, much-needed component of imperial mercantilism. Truly, the English incorrectly thought that their imperialism was more “enlightened” than Spain’s conquest for “gold, God, and glory.”
To begin, English treatment of Native Americans mirrored the Spanish. English and Spanish settlers almost always brewed up contempt between themselves and the natives. The closer natives lived to foreigners, the more likely conflict grew. Both countries tried
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The Spaniards came to the Americas for “gold, God, and glory.” Moreover, the British came to America for the same reasons: the British came because of the presumed abundance of natural resources, or “gold;” they came because of religion, or for “God;” they came to expand their empire, or for “glory.” Great Britain came to America precisely for what Spain came for.
Differences between the creation of English and Spanish colonies were few to none. While Spain’s colonization did go about as a conquest, England’s colonization had been simply just that, colonization. In fact, England had promoted all kinds of civilians to take up residence in their colonies, from criminals to Puritans. Nevertheless, the effects of their colonizing were similar, if not identical.
Englishmen pilgrimaging to America, whether Puritan, Protestant, Baptist, Catholic, or Quaker, differed the only minusculely from Spaniards’ robust Catholicism when concerning what to do with pagan ideas. Often, religious attempts of converting and subverting other creeds failed and ended with violently hazardous bigotry. Once again, the English failed to separate their own actions from their supposed Spanish

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