William Golding 's Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Before I even began reading Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, I had already chosen which essay prompt would be of the most interest for me to write. While a few of the other given options were quite tempting, I finally decided on the topic that spoke to me the most, and being that I’m planning a future in law enforcement, I thought this one was perfect! This book is most likely one of the best suited to display the importance of authority, it’s message spoken very clearly to the reader. In this novel, you see the depiction of three different forms of societal living; their government-run home-life, and then of course, the two attempted rules under Ralph and Jack.
When our characters first find themselves on a deserted island, their initial thoughts are to search for the only adult they knew to be aboard the plane (8). When the pilot is confirmed dead, their focus then shifts to how they’ll be rescued, all the while with a heavy emphasis being placed on needing an adult (13). This goes back to how their normal everyday lives are run- by grownups. It’s what they’re used to, it’s what they expect. For them (and probably most children) age and authority go hand-in-hand (54). Without their elders to keep them in line, the boys at first believe that they have no consequences to fear. As far as the reader knows, they’ve never been placed in a situation where they’ve had to fend for themselves. Besides adults, another integral part of their normal lives is having a…

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