Jack Lord Of The Flies Power Analysis

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, the progress of power is the cause for corruption the character Jack goes to the extreme to have the power and the more power he has the more corrupt it becomes. Throughout the novel, Jack obsession is as if has a little power, a little more and a lot, which causes him to act out in violent ways, towards animals and humans. The taste of power is Jack's addiction because it is his drug that he can get enough of.

In the beginning of the novel Jack is already power hungry because he took charge over the choir boys and called them hunters and he was the leader of that group. This gives him the taste of power because he rules over them. Jack is very jealous over the fact that he is not the leader of everyone, this is causing Jack to act out, for example changing his name from Merridew to Jack. The first clue Jacks gives off that he is violent is that he has a knife and thinks it gives him authority over others like Piggy for example he scares him with it. Jack does have a chance to kill the pig but cannot do it because of his human nature it's not right to kill an
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Jack is in charge of most of the boys except for Piggy, Ralph, Simon and the twins this causes Jack to crave more power because he can't control them. Jack sends boys to go to into the camp to steal piggy's specs, so they can light a fire to cook the pig. Jack's obsession with power has gone corrupt that he is willing to kill people, not just animals, plus he has no remorse of the deaths of Piggy and Simon. Jack attacks Ralph, he does this because if they're all dead then he can be the boss of everyone. This quote is the situation that Jack is in because all the power he gained it just corrupt “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This important because Jack lost himself in the power and it only did cause

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