Essay On Jack's Authority In Lord Of The Flies

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The boy’s in the novel have a tremendous fear of Jacks authority but they wouldn't dare to confront him about it because he supplies meat and ‘fun”, even though the boys like Ralph as a leader they wouldn’t go behind Jack for the means of their survival, And that they are afraid of him physically. He is much larger than the younger one and because he is an authority figure, he can boss others around to do harm to anyone that disobeys his authority; the younger weaker boys are in a difficult situation, they need Jack to get food because they can’t sustain on just fruit. It’s also a bonus for Jack because the younger ones feel safer from the monsters that lurk, Jack has made it clear he is a hunter. The boys that follow with Jack’s authority …show more content…
A sick fear and rage swept him…”(185) This skull of the pig brings so much emotion to Ralph; because he finally realizes the evil of his peers. Ralph tries to break the skull that represents the fear and darkness of the island. The skull of the sow only breaks into two pieces and he ends up with bruised knuckles, The skull breaking into two illuminates the ideas of the evil and good in the text. When the Lord of the Flies says, “He is in all of us”, this ignites the idea of the good of Simon's character traits and the bad of Jack's character traits. This idea is considered on a greater scale of the world and humanity as a whole, because their is good and bad in everyone.The final fear of the boy’s is the thought of never getting off the that island. They silently fear the possibility that life will never return to the way it was before. Ralph will not be the same boy that was standing on his head at the beginning of the novel, because he has lost his innocence to the evil ways of the island and fear that crept into his soul. The smaller boys also fear never going home and it shows throughout the novel, they miss the thought of home and their parents, at the end of the novel they are in complete emotional

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