Article Analysis : ' Relax, It 's Only A Test ' Essay

1044 Words Aug 24th, 2016 null Page
While reading the article, “Relax, It’s Only A Test,” I found the point that students often get so anxious about the test or exam that it actually interferes with their working memory, and intern making them struggle on the test very interesting. Although I don’t consider myself an anxious test taker I do relate with the part of the article describing the wrong study method. I do often study by reviewing my notes and textbooks, which helps me become familiar on the topic, but that is not practicing for the testing situation. I love the theatre so when it gave the example of reviewing lines before opening night I was able to connect and realize I may not be using the best study methods for myself.
After reading the article, “Learning to Become a Better Learner,” I was encouraged by several of the recommended study methods. When I am working on assignments I try to be a deep learner because I know this method works best for me. If I not only know the answer, but why it is right and how to work through the problems I find other questions easier to answer. I found it interesting that it is better to switch subjects of study periodically. I will definitely try this method while studying this semester. I found it reassuring to know that highlighting and reciting those points is a useful way of studying because I do this often. I also want to try to self-quiz myself more often throughout studying.
Throughout the article, “Taking Notes by Hand Benefits Recall, Researchers Find”,

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