Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

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Pg.1-41 (40 pages)
George Milton and Lennie Small, one small but quick-witted and the other big but not bright, have arrived at their new workplace(ranch) and is ready to work and earn money to buy their “dream place.”

In the text of the first two chapters, the author portrayed almost all the characters that appeared with great details of appearance, way of speech, and action. On page two, a general idea of the appearance helped me to make inference of the two protagonists, George and Lennie. Steinbeck first introduced the characters when he wrote, “they had walked in single file...the first man was small and quick….Behind him walked his opposite”(Steinbeck, 2). From this I was able to know that George, who led the line, is the leader of the two. The inference was further supported by qualities such as “quick”, “defined”, and “strong”, giving him the characteristics of being sharp but very reliable/responsible. While on the other hand, Lennie, acted like Georges direct opposite and foil. Lennie was described with “shapeless”, “sloping shoulders”, and “loosely”, which gave me an impression of dull and dependent. While reading that I thought Lennie was stupid, but the following paragraphs made me sympathize him. His later child-like actions and words such as “dabbled...and wiggled his fingers so the water arose in little splashes…” (Steinbeck, 3) as well as “ ‘I could pet it with my thumb while we walked along…’ ”( 6), made him innocent and harmless. When Slim…

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