The Stages Away From Success Essay

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Stages away from success
In our meeting we talked about difficulties going on in the workplace. We came up with plan design for the Managers having issues with their teams, and how the Managers who have been successful with their teams to take control and help other Managers in need.
Step 1: Come up with and Organizational goal, improve your teams communication
Step 2 : Break the goal up into sub-goals
1- Find out where the team communication is breaking down
2- Create opportunities for the team and managers to communicate.
3- Reduce overloading of information from other staff members.
Step 3: Identify detailed actions
1- Gain feedback from team members on problem areas within the group
2- Generate reports whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly depending on the problem areas and how severe the issue is.
Step 4: Create the trigger action
1- The beginning of the month create forms that suggest feedback on ways to improve communication
2- Come the end of the week create a summary on the progress each team has done on communication as well as projects. Team Managers turn into HR by noon Friday.
3- If there’s issues within the team, team members will be emailed personally on the problem at hand and how they can fix it.
Every organization has different personalities and work ethics whether it be Managers, or employees. To create successful teams every team goes through stages. Some Managers are successful getting through personalities, communication issues, and getting through…

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