I Am A Friend With My Life Essay

1696 Words Aug 23rd, 2016 null Page
People have always told me that the hardest words to say are the most important words. Do I want to sit here and pour out my heart and admit all of my flaws from the past couple years? No. I have never been one for expressing my emotions to people – I’ve always thought that no one wanted to hear them. No one wanted to hear about me and my life. But as I think about that more and as I continue through the stage of my life that I am experiencing, I want to use my situation as an example. Every one in this world has emotions, a soft side, and a heart, and we all need someone sometimes just to talk to. Someone we can vent to in hopes that they might actually understand us. I have felt very alone at times. I learned the most about being a friend during these times I felt alone, and all that I hope is that I can use what I have experienced to help and inspire others.

Every one has a story, and everyone’s story is constantly changing and evolving. That is just life: we meet new people, we experience certain times, both good and bad, we learn new things. We are constantly changing and evolving, and for most, that is hopefully in the form of growth. Growing into someone bigger and better, someone greater. But life is not perfect, and sometimes we hit obstacles along the way, without even realizing them. Somewhere along the way throughout high school, I lost myself. & I didn’t realize it until my last month of my senior year. I have always struggled with feeling accepted by people.…

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