Essay My Goals For The Next Five Years

800 Words Aug 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
My Three Main Goals for the Next Five Years Life would be different if you reach your goal, the goal that you choice from the very beginning of taking the responsibility. It is different from the way you are today than the person of yesterday. In fact, you gain a lot of confidence and admiration for reaching that goal and somehow your label as a successful is what people respect you. And everyone do the same, they set up a goal and achieve it. However, to become a successful person is not automatically appear right in front of you, somehow you need to go a lot of process and most especially endurance in everything you do so that you keep your goal feasible and achievable. There is a certain strategy to gain in order to accomplish your goal and I believe that strategy is work without any reservation, never complain and most of all work smart. If you do all this things I’m sure you will definitely be a successful. You can have many goals as you want, but you need to dedicate yourself on your goal choice. Then work it out with your strength ability like everyone else does, be positive and always ready on the outcome and have faith on your goal. Actually to set a goal is quite easy but to fulfill the set goal that is quite hard because you go through a lot of process. And later on when you achieve your goal, you will realize that your sacrifices and hard work is worth it. So as a human being I do have a three dream goal in a certain way for the next five years. I will set this…

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