Essay on Why God Is The Reason For The Existence Of The Universe

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In the reading McCloakey talks about proofs. He believes that three proofs move ordinary theist their theism. The first proof that he speaks about is cosmological, which is the chain that every created thing is being caused right now. There is a slight argument over the creation, who is God, having a cause in the beginning. It is believed that if the proofs fail from an observational perspective; then the proof is proven false. How can something that does not need to be given existence actually exist to give everything else existence? The preceding question is one that many atheist use to prove that theist are at a more uncomfortable state than atheist. Along with cosmological proof comes ontological proof. Here everything is based entirely on reason. God is a great being; one being greater than He can be conceived. Anything greater than God is believed to be evil. Therefore, God must exist. Theist strongly believe that God’s non-existence is impossible.
McCloskey does not believe that God is the reason for the existence of the Universe. The Cosmological Argument states that there must be a necessary being in order for the universe to exist. The problem of contingency arises because theist have no idea if the universe existed, theist cannot even answer to the question if more than one universe existed. At the time many of them are so content in their beliefs that their faith is indebted. This is the proof of perception. Theist base their belief in God on the experiments…

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