The World Of The American Dream Essay

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Once America was discovered many European countries could only focus on one thing, gold. Gold was the common currency of the world, and it was believed that the New World was abundant with the precious metal. This builds the foundation of America on mercantilism, more money in the colonies meant more power for the mother countries. The hunt for gold attracted not only countries, but companies like the Virginia Company. Although some focused on gold, others viewed America as a new religious start. Everyone that came to the new world was seeking a better life; colonization was the beginning of the American dream. The religious groups and gold prospectors over time join together and create the thirteen original colonies.

Jamestown, founded in 1607 is considered to be the first permanent settlement in North America. The Virginia Company started Jamestown to find gold. Without finding gold, the colonist had no form of economic support. The terrain, weather, and sicknesses of North America were unlike anything the colonists had experienced. Only 100 of 500 survived the voyage to America and in the first two years the population was cut in half. The colonist faced starvation, hostile natives, and sickness. The period of death in Jamestown is know as the “starving time.” The colony was helped by the Powhatan offering trade and teaching them about the area, the way their tribe survived, and farming techniques.

A pivotal point in that changed the future of the Jamestown colony…

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