Essay about Bullying Today And The Past

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When looking at bullying today versus bullying in the past, there has been quite the advancement. Bullying in the past, while it was not good in theory, it was much better than bullying today in a sense. Bullying used to be confined to the playground or the lunch room. Children made it through their difficult day, but went home to a place that felt safe. Children had to worry about the following day and what it might bring, but had some time to escape the cruelty of peers. Today with the many advancements of technology and the way some children have been raised, bullying has taken a huge step for the worst. This advancement has been termed “cyberbullying”. Children have phones, tablets, laptops, and many social media sites and applications that are frequented each day. The bullying may start at school however it progresses and is carried on to social media, leaving children no time away from the negativity and hatred. This type of extreme bullying can lead to depressing, anxiety and increasing all too often day by day, the sad occasion of suicide occurs. According to Albin (2012), cyberbullying is the “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices”. Usually this behavior is deliberate and occurs over and over and could cause harm in different ways to the victim at hand. Cyberbullying can cause emotional, psychological, and sociological issues. Adolescents are still trying to find themselves at this stage of life,…

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