Ecosystem Ecology And Climate Change : What Are The Costs And Benefits

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Ecosystem ecology and climate change:
What are the costs and benefits of industrial vs. subsistence agriculture, organic farming, pesticide use?
Summary of issue:

For thousands of years, the biological science of agriculture has enabled the human race to germinate, and grow into the billions of citizens that we see today. This ever-growing population, however, has put a strain on the once predominant agricultural practice of subsistence and organic farming and facilitated the scientific development of industrial agriculture and pesticide use to battle the threat of food insecurity. These different practices have cultivated a split within the farming community and sparked a scientific debate as to the best practices for sustaining food availability while maintaining biologically diverse populations and ecosystems. The debate on the costs and benefits for each side of the pendulum resides on industrial researchers who claim that the practice of subsistence and organic farming can no longer sustain and feed the world’s ever-growing population, while subsistence and organic researchers claim that the practice of industrial agriculture threatens our environment and biodiversity, compromises natural selection, enhances biological amplification, and biological resistant to pesticides, and consequently jeopardizing public health. The prospective difficulties of this project are to highlight the biological aspects that might be threatened or advanced by each of these…

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