Tyson Foods Compensation System

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Poultry farming has been made an arduous way of making a living because of corporations that have a monopoly over the meat industry. Many poultry farmers like Jerry and Kanita Yandell who have been baited into signing a contract with Tyson Foods inc. under the pretence of having a stable and steady paycheck. The overview of the contract between the corporations and the poultry farmers is quite simple, Tyson foods will supply the chicks and the poultry farmers are given the task to raise the chickens that are later slaughtered for meat. In return, the farmers are paid on a per pound basis. Therefore, the ‘meaty-er’ the chickens, the more profits are earned by the poultry farmers. Though Jerry and Kanita Yandell had a few prosperous years with …show more content…
Those farmers who complained about the chicks and the services that Tyson Foods provide were given chick from older hens(The Meat Racket, Pg 49). Chicks from older hens were weak and have a higher mortality rate, which lowers the profits of the farmer that receives them. And those farmers who received chicks from young hens were consistently the highest paid farmers. Tyson foods shipping logs suggest that the corporation used chicks from older hens to punish farmers that complained by Tyson’s Policies. To Tyson, the tournament system was a method to eliminate bad farmer that reduced their profits. The tournament based system was complex and thoroughly planned. The farmers were paid based on a mathematical formula that determine how much each farmer is paid in relation to their rank.(The Meat Racket, Pg 132) The formula and the ranking system accurately determines how much Tyson will be paying for each chicken, while keeping the pay of each farmer highly …show more content…
Therefore, local farmers that have been producing meat using traditional methods find it difficult to compete with meat industry’s competitive pricing.

For each condition that you identify, try to say who benefits and who is disadvantaged by this condition, and how that group is so affected.
Adopting the practices of factory farming increases the production capacity of the corporation exponentially, compared to traditional production methods. The meat industry, consumers and the fastfood industry are all benefactors of factory farming. The meat industry is able to provide cheap and affordable meat to the consumers, that are unaware of the animal cruelty and environmental impact of the meat being purchased.
Animals of the factory farms are by far the most disadvantaged. The animals of the factory farms are often treated harshly and have their bodies mutilated to prevent the animals from harming other animals, or to create room to fit the animal in their designated cage. In addition to the animals, the surrounding environment and people are also

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